No party except PTI received foreign funding: Fawad


PTI leader and former minister Fawad Chaudhry said Tuesday no political party except PTI received funds from foreign nationals since the party considered them economyís backbone.
Reacting to Election Commission of Pakistanís (ECP) verdict in PTIís prohibited funding case, Fawad said ruling coalition was disappointed with the decision as they (PDM) was expecting PTI to be banned.
ìWe had same stance from the very first day that the funds we received from foreign nationals werenít illegal,î Fawad said while talking to reporters outside ECP, adding that ìECPís verdict was malicious.î
Former information minister alleged PPP, PML ñ the two major allies of PTI of considering overseas Pakistanis as their ëenemiesí. ìNo other party except PTI received funds from foreign Pakistani nationals, since we consider them to be economyís backbone,î he added.
Chaudhry said his party will continue to raise party funding from overseas Pakistanis. ìNow in the next phase, we will prove that 16 accounts are also legal. No party has right to conceal its funding sources from public,î Fawad said.