Only Captain plays last winning shot: Ali Muhammad Khan


State minister for parliamentary affairs Ali Muhammad Khan has said game is not over and it is still on and only captain plays last winning shot.

MQM partnership with PPP remained not good in the past. MQM will remain away from opposition and side with government. I am hopeful opposition will meet failure in no confidence motion”, he said this while talking to a private TV channel.

He held this time too 3 wickets will fall on one ball. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari wicket will fall without any effort. Asif Zardari will return to Sindh within a few days.

Opposition has once again awakened the government, he remarked. They have awakened a sleeping tiger. Had they remained to the limits of inflation then Imran Khan would have played only 25 overs game.

He went on to say Imran Khan is the best all-rounder. He is playing test match comfortably. The matter has gone far behind the letter which has been shown by Imran Khan. This matter is not between Imran Khan and opposition but it is international conspiracy.

He underlined Imran Khan was framing independent foreign policy. Imran Khan had stood up against Islamophobia. Conspiracy is being hatched against Imran Khan for protecting the national interest by him.

It is childish to say that he should show this letter to all, he said adding Imran Khan had foretold about the situation. The letter made it clear the conspiracy has roots outside the country.