Only registered seminaries allowed to collect hides


Govt notifies instructions to collect hides of sacrificial animals on Eid
The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tuesday notified that only registered welfare organizations and seminaries would be allowed to collect hides of sacrificial animals on Eid-ul-Azha after acquiring permission from concerned district administration and police authorities.
According to a notification issued by KP Home and Tribal Affairs Department, organizations that were being banned by the government could not collect hides on Eid while registered organization would abide by the code of procedure issued to collect hides. Setting up of camps, use of loudspeakers, installation of flags on vehicles, use of advertisement material including posters and banners would not be allowed to collect hides on Eid.
The notification said that citizens have basic rights to donate hides of sacrificial animals according to their wishes and infringement of any kind in this connection would not be allowed. Mosques, seminaries and welfare organization are situated in every locality area and people are free to follow their conscience to donate hides by themselves.
Workers of organizations and seminaries have also been directed to submit transpiration plan to Deputy Commissioner/District Police Officer and keep National Identity Card and copy of permission letter issued by district administration while transporting sacrificial hides from one place to another. Law enforcers have authority to confiscate hides in case instructions were not followed in letter and spirit.
Brandishing of arms and carrying of sticks has also been banned on three days of Edi-ul-Azha. Home department has also urged people to cooperate with government in this connection. Complainants can lodge their complaints on Control Room of KP Home Department on 091-9210300, 9210036 and 09469240226.
Implementation of code of conduct was meant to avoid any untoward incident and maintain peace on Eid-ul-Azha, added the statement.