Outsourcing does not mean selling or pledging of anything: Saad Rafique


ISLAMABAD: Minister of Railways and Aviation Khawaja Saad Rafique has said that outsourcing something does not mean selling or pledging it. Addressing a press conference, he said that Islamabad Airport was going to be outsourced and it’s our guarantee that no employee would be deprived of jobs. He said Islamabad Airport would be outsourced for 15 years and next we would do the same at the Lahore and Karachi airports as well. The minister said that we were left behind but the entire world had done it. Our airports should be modernized, he emphasized. Due to the statement of a personality, he said the PIA had been facing Rs70 billion loss annually. He said flights from UK would be launched soon. The aviation minister said that lot of tasks are yet to be done in the railway and we are going to bring private investment in the railway production unit. As many as 400 acres of land has been acquired in Gwadar, he added. DNA
Bitcoin crosses $29,000 mark as market inches up
ISLAMABAD: The cryptocurrency market inched up on Sunday, with the market cap gaining 0.4 percent to reach $1.21 trillion. As of 1220 hours GMT, Bitcoin, the world’s oldest and most valued cryptocurrency, managed to rise above the $29,000 mark and made a minor gain of 0.2 percent in the last 24 hours to reach $29,043. The market capitalization of the biggest crypto has reached $564.9 billion with this increase. Bitcoin has been 0.8 percent down in the past seven days. TLTP