Pak Army and Service


Ali Anwar

Pakistan Army stands as the only institution of Pakistan with pristine examples of a merit system. Joining the Pakistan Army is the same for everyone, whether it is the son or daughter of the richest person in Pakistan or the applicant who comes from the poorest family in Pakistan. One does not have to go through the process of recommendation or bribery while joining Pakistan Army but they have to go through a prevailing procedure and test to join Pakistan Army. The test or the prevailing procedure is the same for the son of an industrialist, landlord, or businessman, as it is for the son of a common Pakistani. Any of them can pass this test and join the Pakistan Army.
In the history of the Pakistan Army, there have been many army chiefs, who belonged to a common family and reached high positions in the Pakistan Army due to their hard work and ability. The current Chief of Army Staff General Hafiz Asim Munir is a clear example of this. Despite coming from a common family, he is commanding the Pakistan Army based on his hard work and ability.
It is said that Pakistan Army is not an institution but a family that always stands by each other’s side in sorrow and happiness. Whether it is the battlefield or the environment of peace, the soldiers and officers of the Pakistan Army are always united and engaged in the service of this country. The whole world knows about the capabilities of the Pakistan Army in wars, Pakistan Army has proven its capabilities in conventional and unconventional wars and has never left the country alone in the face of natural calamities. In the face of all kinds of sudden calamities and chaos, the Pakistan Army never disappoints its countrymen and always comes first to help the victims. This is the reason that whenever the people of Pakistan face any calamity, their eyes first turn towards the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Army becomes the messiah for the people. Even during the terrible floods that engulfed the entire country last year, the Pakistan Army gave priority to the service of the people and despite the terrorist attacks, the soldiers of the Pakistan Army remained busy despite the difficult conditions for their brothers and sisters affected by the floods. Earlier, during the corona epidemic that engulfed the whole world, Pakistan Army established camps all over the country and worked together with the government to remedy this deadly epidemic. Therefore, when any calamity happened in the country, the Pakistan Army helped the people during this calamity without anyone’s help in the spirit of serving the country and did not let them feel that they are alone in this difficult time. This is the reason why the whole world, including our arch-enemy India, recognizes the professional capabilities of the Pakistan Army.
The name of the Pakistan Army tops the list when it comes to services rendered in the peace missions of the United Nations. The Pakistan Army is the sixth-largest army serving in the United Nations peacekeeping efforts. Be it peace missions, war against terrorism or martyred soldiers while guarding the borders. Pakistan Army never forgets their sacrifices. On the occasion of the martyrdom of their comrades, whether an officer or a soldier, their families are not left alone. Just as the Pakistan Army honours the families of the martyrs, they are welcomed in every ceremony like a general, minister or prime minister. Martyrs’ wives and children are cared for and children’s education is well arranged by Pak Army. However, in our neighbouring country, India, many such videos have come to the fore in which the heirs of the martyrs are protesting for their rights and dignity. But Alhamdulillah no such sad incident has ever happened in Pakistan Army which is proof that Pakistan Army is an organized organization.
As far as our rulers and so-called political leaders are concerned, they blame the Pakistan Army to achieve their personal and foreign purposes. Talking about the public service of these politicians, the Pakistan Army has not stopped them from providing health and education facilities to the people, nor has the Pakistan Army stopped them from controlling inflation, but these leaders When public issues are discussed, they start blaming and make a sinister attempt to blame Pakistan Army.
Through this column, I only request all the political leaders and their followers that they should not humiliate the Pakistan Army and its martyrs in this dirty politics. Let all institutions, including Pakistan Army, do their work, don’t throw your guilt on the institutions.
Focus on public service and welfare rather than being a tool of the enemy. The people of Pakistan stood with their forces yesterday, the people of Pakistan stand with their forces today and the people of Pakistan will continue to stand with their forces in the future.