Pakistan, China enhancing technology for Cancer screening, treatment in Pakistan


In a landmark move towards improving cancer care, Dr. Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital (ANTH) in Islamabad, Pakistan, has joined forces with Landing Med, medical technology company based in Wuhan, China, to make use of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advancing Cervical Cancer screening. This collaboration, driven by the pursuit of cutting-edge research and development, aims to redefine the landscape of cervical cancer screening for Pakistani women.
Under the ambit of the China-Pakistan AI Cervical Cancer Screening Program, Landing Med has provided multiple state-of-the-art, self-developed cervical cancer screening devices, complemented by a large number of sets of consumable items. This infusion of advanced technology is poised to bring about a transformative shift in the early detection of cervical cancer, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence.
Yasir Khan Niazi, CEO of ANTH, described this initiative as a pivotal step towards seamless integration of technology into the fabric of cancer screening for Pakistani women. He said that, “The AI-powered devices, equipped with unparalleled speed, efficiency and accuracy, promise to detect traces of cancer cells within minutes. Beyond swiftness, the devices leverage comprehensive algorithm models and decades of diagnostic data, ensuring early diagnosis that is speedy, precise and reliable.”

Dr. Sun Xiaorong, Founder and President of Landing Med, emphasized the crucial role of efficient testing methods, particularly in countries with substantial female populations like Pakistan. This platform, an embodiment of swift and flawless reports produced within minutes, allows experts from over ten countries including Pakistan to conduct consultations on reports uploaded to the cloud, ultimately saving patients the hassle of frequent hospital visits for sample collection and analysis.
ANTH’s CEO further said that the hospital, a leader in technological integration, has already spearheaded initiatives such as a One-Stop Breast Clinic, Tumor Registry, Tumor Board, and an Enhanced Recovery Program. Notably, this collaboration marks yet another stride in the hospital’s commitment to harnessing the latest technology for ensuring the provision of the latest screening and treatment of cancer and ANTH would also establish a Cloud Diagnostic Research Center to provide nationwide cervical cancer screening in Pakistan.
The China-Pakistan AI Cervical Cancer Screening Program, initiated in 2020 through collaborative efforts between Chinese and Pakistani entities, has reached a critical juncture with Landing Med’s partnership, established in November 2022. This alliance underscores a shared commitment to executing a crucial program that holds immense promise for the well-being of Pakistani women.
As ANTH and Landing Med engage in this collaboration, the healthcare landscape in Pakistan anticipates positive impacts and transformative changes. The fusion of ANTH’s commitment to technological advancement and Landing Med’s cutting-edge solutions sets the stage for a future where AI-driven cervical cancer screening would help save lives of countless women in Pakistan