Pakistan not facing any default risk: state minister


State Minister for Finance Dr Aisha Ghaus Pasha stated Monday that Pakistan is not facing any risk of default.
Addressing at the launching ceremony of special report titled “Economic Security of Pakistan; Challenges and Way Forward” in Islamabad on Monday, she said Pakistan has ensured external financing needs for the next year. However, the challenges at economic front are significant.
She said due to prudent economic measures taken by the government the rupee has gained strength and imports have been significantly reduced.
Highlighting importance of sustainability in current economic success of the government, she emphasized on structurally reforming the economy to get out of this boom bust cycle.
She said tax compliance has to be increased and decision makers need to think beyond politics and personal interests while devising tax policy. She said all stakeholders should keep Pakistan first. She said structural reforms in economy have to be undertaken with consensus of stakeholders to put Pakistan on sustainable growth.
The Minister of State for Finance said without consistency of economic policies we cannot lead our country on the path of human security. She said in today’s world national security cannot be secured without human security.