Pakistan Railways breaks record with longest freight train run


Pakistan Railways has shattered records with its latest freight train journey, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s transportation sector.
The historic freight train, spanning an impressive length of over 2,500 feet and comprising a whopping fifty coaches, embarked on its journey propelled by the formidable GE U40 locomotive engine, said Railway spokesperson on Friday.
He said that this monumental train journey commenced from Karachi, the bustling metropolis of Pakistan, carrying a staggering load of over 3,000 tons of cargo destined for Kotri.
This monumental initiative not only signifies a breakthrough for Pakistan Railways but also promises substantial benefits for the nation, he added.
By transferring such massive quantities of cargo via rail, the spokesperson said the endeavor was poised to alleviate the burden on road traffic significantly, easing congestion and enhancing transportation efficiency across the country.
Moreover, he said the shift towards rail transport for freight purposes aligns with global efforts towards environmental preservation, as it effectively reduces pollution and carbon emissions associated with traditional road transport methods.
Remarkably, despite its colossal size, he said the freight train achieved remarkable speeds, attaining a top speed of 60 km/h and maintaining an impressive average speed of 38 km/h throughout its journey.
Similarly, he noted that the sheer scale of the freight vehicle’s capacity is awe-inspiring, capable of accommodating goods equivalent to that of more than 94 22-wheeler trucks.