Pakistan Railways to expand 96 trains network till Monday


In a bid to accommodate passengers, Pakistan Railways would expand the network of its express trains to 96 till December 25, running all over the country to better felicitate the commuters.
“Before completing the network of 96 trains over the entire railway network, the last year the figure of trains is 86 which will be improved after the concentrate efforts of the department,” an official in the Ministry told APP.

He said the facilities being provided to the passengers at railway stations include waiting rooms, vending stalls, station restaurants, wheel chairs, information desk, computer reservation facilities, public address system to inform public about arrival/departure of trains, provision of paramedics and 1st aid facility, online reservation facility, passenger insurance service and revival of help desks at stations facilities in trains.
To a question, he said the overall punctuality ratio of trains has improved from 76 to 93 percent in three months owing to close monitoring and stern measures taken by Pakistan Railways at the divisional and ministry levels.
“With the punctuality of trains and concrete measures taken by the department in last three months, the number of passengers has increased by over 20 million, which is ample proof of the department’s achievement,” he added.
He said, “Pakistan Railways is also set to introduce the ‘Train Driver Assistant System’ (TDAS) to help train drivers a clear view of the railway tracks up to an impressive distance of 700 meters.”
“The technology aims to enhance the safety, punctuality and efficiency of train operations during adverse weather conditions, particularly in the presence of dense smog and fog,” he added.
The system, he said, “TDAS is set to revolutionize the way trains navigate through foggy landscapes. It promised not only to avert potential accidents but also to facilitate smooth train travel when visibility is severely compromised.”