Pakistan response to India’s actions in Kashmir


The two articles 370 and 35A are the provisions in Indian constitution, which deal matters regarding Kashmir. After the abrogation of these two articles on the 5th august 2019 by Modi’s government, special administrative and demographic status of Kashmir is being revoked. Another words, according to these articles, apart from defense and foreign policies Kashmir had its own administrative policies, and no Indian was allowed to reside permanently in the territory of Kashmir. But BJP government changed these articles on 5th august 2019, through its parliament.
After the events occurred on 5th august regarding Kashmir, Pakistan being one of the main parties in the conflict tries to engage international community against the recent actions of brutality of India in Kashmir. Imran khan, the premier of Pakistan, contacted the leaders of European Union, OIC and united nations on the said issue and tended to bring them on one page against Modi’s fascist approach against Muslims in Kashmir and inside India. United Nations for the first time in last 50 years, discussed the situations of Kashmir in general assembly session last year, which is one of the big successes of Pakistan regarding Kashmir. In the session of UN, Pakistan presented its case in a highly appropriate manner and warned the world that Modi’s ultra-aggressive thinking is pushing the situations to the shadows of nuclear war, which will not only effect both states but the whole region too.
Similarly, releasing songs regarding the extremist approach of India by ISPR, is also a smart way in pursuing soft power. Soft power is the literature, ideology, sports, culture, traditions and dramas industry of a state through which it pursue its intentions and narrative in the international system. If one thinks about the US domination in the world, it is clearly notable that the US has used its hard power in only few states in which it mostly failed to make statement. For instance, intervention in Cuba, Afghanistan and Vietnam were failed attempts of US. On the contrary, the US has influenced the world on its soft power,, its soft power has played significant role in wining them cold war. Moreover this is the era of fifth generation warfare in which pursing narrative has got tremendous importance. So under such circumstances, soft power is getting more importance than other means, so Pakistan needs to utilize such aspects more in building narrative against Indian’s brutalities in Kashmir.
But the question is that Pakistan is playing its role proactively against India, then why it is not able to get maximum support from international community in this regard. It is because there are a number of domestic constraints due to which Pakistan is not able to shape its foreign policy in an effective way. For instance weak economic conditions, struggling political system and internal instabilities are major hurdles to Pakistan in establishing constructive policy for foreign affairs. On contrary, world knows Indian injustice and fascist actions in Kashmir and inside India against Muslims, but still only few states bother to raise voice against its actions, because of its stable and huge economic market and strong political system. Majority of states have significant economic and Geo strategic interests in India that’s why they are silent in matter of Kashmir.
If Pakistan wants its voice to be heard in an influential manner at international level, it has to give the world something useful in return. Pakistan needs to raise its economy and play proactive role in regional economic integration. CPEC will definitely play important role in boosting Pakistan’s economy, but Pakistan has to make further grounds for major economic investments inside its territory. Moreover, strong and effective political system in Pakistan is the need of hour for pursuing healthy foreign policy.
By Barkat ullah.(
The writer is doing master in international relations, currently reside in Islamabad. He writes on regional and international current affairs.