Pakistan’s Pride


Ali Anwar

The Pakistani army and the people of Pakistan are each other’s strengths, and both are like pillars supporting one another. The people of Pakistan are the true strength of the Pakistani army because their love and support make the army strong. That’s why, whenever Pakistan or its people face any difficulty, the army has always come to their rescue and fulfilled its duty. The Pakistani army is not just an institution; it’s a passion and a commitment to defend the beloved homeland. Its soldiers are willing to sacrifice their lives for the defence of the nation and to help their fellow countrymen in times of crisis. Pakistani soldiers are always on duty, whether it’s defending the borders or providing assistance and saving lives during emergencies.
On August 22, when the Pakistani army was conducting a rescue operation in the Chairlift area of Battagram, some of its brave soldiers were simultaneously engaged in an anti-terror operation in Waziristan. In the chairlift Battagram operation, the army rescued 8 individuals, while in the Waziristan operation, six brave soldiers fought valiantly, sacrificing their lives for the nation. These martyrs were not just soldiers; they were someone’s sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, or someone’s sole support.
The Pakistani army is more than just a defence institution; it’s a force driven by love for the nation. It stands ready to handle everything from border security to natural disasters. Whether it’s a flood, earthquake, cyclone, drought, or any other disaster, if anyone is the first to respond, it’s the Pakistani army. They are always at the forefront to protect the nation and its people.
It’s important for those who criticize the army without reason to understand that the army is the first to respond to any crisis after seeking Allah’s help. If you look at the Battagram chairlift incident, eight lives were hanging in the air on one side, so the Pakistan Army did everything possible to save them and bring them back to the ground, and it was the Pakistan Army that sent the experts for this work and immediately brought to the site of the incident by a special plane and on the other hand, even during this time, a few unsuspecting people were criticizing the Pakistan Army. But alas, the few ignorant, short-sighted and self-made analysts who are engaged in hating the army day and night should be ashamed for inciting hatred and exterminating bugs in every case. The way these endless fears gave a wrong colour to the rescue operation of Battagram. Tried and failed miserably and In Sha Allah will always fail, they should learn and understand that everything is not about money or cheap fame. Whether it’s a rescue operation like the one in Battagram or any other challenging situation, the army has never turned away from its responsibilities. The army doesn’t seek credit or fame; it’s driven by a deep love for the nation and its people.
It’s a pity that some misguided individuals, lacking in wisdom and engaging in baseless criticism, fail to realize the sacrifices of soldiers and their dedication to serving the nation and its people. They should reflect on the negative consequences of their ill-informed and biased analyses. These heroes who give their lives for the nation and its people, have they ever thought about them? Have they ever thought about who would protect these streets and neighbourhoods if the army weren’t there?
Look at the plight of Muslims in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and India. Consider the mistreatment of Muslims in Haryana and the destruction of their homes and mosques. See how Muslims are being prevented from practising their faith and offering prayers. Muslims are unable to pray freely, and they can’t even perform sacrifices on Eid. Look at the situation of Muslims in Myanmar.
Understand that the Pakistani army is the pride of the people, and the people are the crown on the army’s head.