PARC pioneered, climate resilient wheat varieties


Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) hosted an international seminar titled “Sino-Pak Research Activities on Wheat Genomics” at the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) as part of Sino-Pak collaboration for wheat genomics.
The seminar aimed to improve wheat productivity through genomic research, focusing on improving regional and global food security. Renowned wheat scientist from CIMMYT-CAAS China, Prof. Dr. Zhonghu He, participated in the event as a guest speaker. Chairman PARC, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, technical members and more than 200 scientists and researchers participated in the seminar.
While addressing the seminar Chairman PARC briefed about PARC & salient achievements of the council in wheat research. Dr. Ali highlighted the importance of PARC’s adoption of new breeding technologies to improve wheat productivity, in collaboration with CAAS, China, leading to the development of climate-resilient wheat varieties. He stressed the importance of germ-plasm exchange, training sessions, joint workshops, and seminars to facilitate the adoption of new breeding methods
Professor Dr. Zhonghu He presented recent advancement and utilization of molecular markers in wheat breeding. During his briefing, Dr. Zhonghu elaborated on China’s development of innovative molecular markers and their integration into wheat breeding programs aimed at enhancing quality, disease resistance, and yield to safeguard food and nutritional security. Subsequent to the seminar, Professor Dr. Zhonghu He from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and Dr. Shaukat, Director of the National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB), formalized their commitment to enhancing collaboration between the two institutions by signing a Letter of Intention (LOI). Prof. He, along with Chinese delegates, also visited the wheat fields and planted a tree at NARC.