PCFR hosted a breakfast meeting with SG of the islamic chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture


June 01, 2023: Pakistan Council on Foreign Relations (PCFR) – Karachi-based think tank – hosted a breakfast meeting with H.E. Sheikh Yousef Hasan Khalawi, Secretary General, Islamic Chamber of
Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture (ICCIA), at Marriott Hotel Karachi. The meeting was attended by Mr. Justice Gulzar Ahmed, former Chief Justice of Pakistan and Co-Chief Patron of the Council, Dr. Abdul Badih El Dada, Director of Events Management, Karachi-based Consul Generals of Muslim countries, former ambassadors of Pakistan, prominent business elites of the city, patrons, and senior members of the Council.
Mr. Ahsan Mukhtar Zubairi, Secretary General presented the welcome address and briefed participants on the achievements of the PCFR since its formation. Mr. Zubairi highlighted that PCFR has been playing an important role in promoting Pakistan’s soft and positive image and also serving as a bridge between foreign missions and the Pakistani community. Mr. Zubairi maintained that there is a need for joint ventures between the business community of Pakistan and brother Muslim countries, and ICCIA can play a vital role in this regard.
While addressing the meeting H.E. Sheikh Yousef Hasan Khalawi highlighted the role ICCIA has been playing in promoting vital economic linkages among the Muslim countries and Muslim community living in other countries. He maintained that ICCIA’s endeavors are aimed to facilitate economic ties through promoting private investments by the members of ICCIA.
Mr. Khalawi highlighted the role of trading relations in the spread of Islam across the globe. He further said through business diplomacy we can establish relations that will equally benefit the entire Muslim Ummah. H.E. Khalawi also appreciated the role of organizations like PCFR in developing mutually beneficial bonds between trading communities of the Islamic world.
While presenting conclusive remarks Ambassador G R Baluch highlighted that there is a great potential for economic cooperation among Muslim countries. Ambassador Baluch emphasized that there is a need of collaboration, cooperation, and collective wisdom at the political, economic, and social levels to maximize the benefits for the Muslim Ummah. Ambassador Syed Hassan Habib presented the vote of thanks and acknowledged the worthy guest and participants.