People dying in flour distribution is a shame for every Pakistani. Shehbaz Gill


PTI leader Shehbaz Gill has said, how people are dying in distribution of flour is a shame for every Pakistani.

He held better mechanism could be made for this.
Imran Khan and we appear in courts every day.

On appearance in Islamabad District court, he expressed these views while talking to media.

Shehbaz Gill has said, during our four year government, when the time came for subsidy, a strategy was formulated.

Similarly, when Langar Khanas or Shelter homes were built, there was homework behind it.

He has said, I will talk about the courts.

So what if the decision comes against me then should I start mocking the judge?

Justice Mazahir Naqvi gave decision against me then should I start criticizing on him.

Decisions have come against us in the same corridors of the court but there are also accidental Ministers, who say strange things.

Shehbaz Gill has said, we requested for the full bench in same court but it was not accepted.