Peshawar cinemas continue to attract large crowds of moviegoers


Peshawar cinemas continue to attract large crowds of moviegoers with the release of four new Pashto exciting thrillers and films. Pashto film industry has released four new movies on Eidul Fitr to entertain cinemagoers.
The four Pashto flicks were featuring film stars, including Arbaaz Khan, Shahid Khan, Jahangir Khan, Asif Khan and Jameel Babar.
Shot on beautiful locations of northern areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the four movies have many attractions for the viewers.
Sabrina Cinema screened the Pashto film “Yar Dushman” on the first day of Eidul Fitr.
The movie Yaar Dushman, which is directed by Arbaaz Khan attracting hundreds of fans while the film cast comprises of the actor himself, Ajab Gull, Jahangir Jaani, Asif Khan and Jameel Babar.
“The much anticipated movies with quality production, dialogues, casts, locations and soulful music will mesmerise the audience, multiplying their joy of the festive occasion”, renowned film director and film star Arbaaz Khan said.
The film directors and producers have pinned hopes on the production quality, dialogues delivery, casts, locations and strength of music of the films.
Film expert Aijaz Gul said that screening of four Pashto films on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr is very positive news which will revive the ailing regional film industry through providing a spice of entertainment and a blend of emotions to the cinegoers. He praised Pashto film producers and artists for their resilience even in the most difficult times.
Another movie which was released on Eid-ul-Fitr was Bandiwan, directed by Shahid Usman, for which the cast includes Arbaaz, Shahid Khan and Jahangir Jani.
Pekhawar Zama De is another Pashto moive, directed by Shanzeb Khan and starring Arbaaz, Asghar Cheema and Mehek Noor. Charta Khaney Charta Faqeeray, helmed by Arshad Khan, is the fourth Pashto film released on Eid, sporting Shahid Khan and Jahangir Jaani among its cast.