Photos of dead bodies on streets near al-Shafa Hospital in Gaza are horrific: UN


New York
United Nations (UN) Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said that the images of dead bodies on the streets near al-Shafa Hospital in Gaza are horrific.
The ongoing war in Gaza must stop: Antonio Gutterres
According to a foreign news agency, in one of his statements, he said that he was terrorized by the attack on an ambulance in front of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza. He said that the ongoing war in Gaza should stop.
In addition, the former finance minister of Greece has said that the attack on the ambulance in Gaza is a violation of the Geneva Convention.
He also said that after the attack on the ambulance, will anyone knock on the door of the International Criminal Court to charge Israel with war crimes.
According to Arab media, Israel has confirmed that it targeted an ambulance in Gaza. On the other hand, the Israeli army raided the West Bank and arrested 8 Palestinians. As a result of bombing hospitals and ambulances in Gaza, another 100 Palestinians were martyred and now this number has increased to 9300, while from more than 25 thousand Palestinians are injured.