PIAF wants serious steps as Rupee witness volatile trend


The Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) on Saturday said the rupee witnessed volatile trend in the process of trading against dollar and other major currencies.
PIAF Senior Vice Chairman Nasir Hameed and Vice Chairman Javed Siddiqi, in a joint statement issued here said that massive fall of rupee value continued to damage the economy, as the rupee witnessed a huge depreciation against the greenback.
Nasir Hameed observed that besides increasing exports and controlling imports the government will have to take administrative measures, as a large demand of cash dollars are seen in the market.
He said that there was a complete breakdown of economic policymaking, as the country’s fiscal policy had become subservient to monetary and exchange rate policies.
He said that the monetary tightening and exchange rate depreciation resulted in higher inflation, public debt and debt servicing. The empirical evidence showed that the one percent monetary tightening hiked the inflationary pressure by 1.3 percent in the case of Pakistan, he added.
He said that the US dollar continued to rise against the rupee, reaching a record high in interbank trade amidst growing current account deficit. “The government needs to devise a strategy on war-footing to increase foreign investment in Pakistan so as to stop the upward trajectory of the dollar,” he added.