PIC to get 108 new beds after upgradation, says Mohsin Naqvi


Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has said the renovation of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) has been designed in consultation and will be completed by December 30.
Speaking to media persons after having a detailed inspection of the ongoing upgradation work of PIC, he said that the renovation, meticulously planned in consultation, aims to address the shortage of beds at PIC.
He continued that after the upgradation, the institute will have an addition of 108 beds, easing the strain on healthcare resources. The CM said that recognizing the inconvenience faced by patients awaiting cardiac examination, the government has initiated the establishment of satellite clinics.
Already operational in Kot Khawaja Saeed and Shahdara for cardiology patients, these clinics are set to alleviate the burden on the main hospital. Furthermore, plans are underway to consider another satellite clinic at Mian Munshi Hospital, he added.
Mohsin Naqvi said highlighted that cardiology patients would be initially treated at the satellite clinics, with provisions for transitioning to the main hospital if required. Renovation work of OPD will be started next week, he said adding his entire team is working day and night for the upgradation of hospitals.
The CM held that the work on third floor, ground floor, and Irfan block of PIC is progressing. He apprised the media the healthcare revolution extends beyond Lahore, with developments such as the establishment of a heart clinic in Sahiwal, the completion of the Heart Hospital in Dera Ghazi Khan, and the upgrading of the Cardiology Center in Multan.
Notably, Sialkot is also intensifying its focus on providing advanced cardiology facilities, he hinted. He clarified that his remarks were not solely directed at the medical profession but extended to all employees failing to fulfill their duties.
The Chief Minister acknowledged the dedication of a significant number of doctors in the public service, highlighting instances where doctors, despite an 8-hour duty requirement, willingly put in extra hours for the benefit of patients.
However, he claimed that he addressed during his previous media talks to those individuals who neglect their responsibilities, urging them to either fulfill their duty hours or consider resigning from their positions.
While recognizing the respect doctors hold within society, the Chief Minister urged individuals with legitimate grievances to voice their concerns without resorting to unwarranted protests, emphasizing that the Lahore High Court prohibits such actions by medical professionals.
In a more assertive tone, the Chief Minister condemned those involved in unethical practices, particularly those consuming haram earnings. He warned that such actions bring not only personal consequences but also affect the well-being of their children, citing clear teachings from the Holy Quran regarding false accusations.
The Chief Minister reinforced his commitment to accountability before Allah Ta’ala, asserting that the government’s responsibility is to serve the people. He underlined that both the Provincial Health Minister and Health Secretary are accountable to the public and must prioritize the well-being of the entire province.