PM announces to share threatening letter with senior journalists, allied parties


Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has announced to share the threatening letter to senior journalists.

“No confidence motion against me is a foreign conspiracy against Pakistan. I will show the threatening letter to the senior journalists that which countries and people have given me threat, he said this while addressing the inauguration ceremony of e-passport in Islamabad on Wednesday,.

The political crisis in the country is not a new thing, he held. The political crisis come in the countries and no confidence motion is also a just democratic and constitutional way. But the no confidence motion against him is conspiracy from abroad, he added.

He went on to say that the conspiracy has been hatched by those who controlled Pakistan on one telephone call. These foreign elements are not used to a leadership in Pakistan which protects and keeps supreme the national interests
We can not tell the people which countries are behind the conspiracy, he said adding it is being doubted that Imran Khan is doing so to save his government. I will share the letter with top journalists. I will tell my allied parties about this letter. The conspiracy is greater than what I am describing.

He remarked people are thinking perhaps it is drama. No drama is being enacted. I will show the documents to senior journalists.
What benefit we got by taking part in war, he underscored. We had to suffer only loss. The tribesmen were subjected to brutalities in the war. 3.5 million people migrated. Drone attacks took place. Who used to pay zakat became zakat seeker.