PM Imran Khan should step down forthwith for fair and independent investigation into foreign funding case: Ahsan Iqbal


PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal has said Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan should step down forthwith in foreign funding case for the sake of fair and independent investigation into this case.

“the evidence for receiving foreign funds and receiving money from NATO contractor have come to fore therefore. The funds provided by overseas Pakistanis has been spent lavishly by Imran Khan. His own face is vicious and terrible who calls others thief and corrupt, he said this while addressing a press conference here Thursday.

PM Imran Khan should step down forthwith for fair and independent investigation into foreign funding case, he demanded. Imran Khan tried hard that the scrutiny committee should not present its report to the election commission so that his black deeds could remain unexposed. His face has been exposed who is giving the lesson of uprightness and transparency to others.

The report has disclosed that Imran Khan has collected money from the overseas Pakistanis which he has received from them through his computer operator and gardeners and later spent it lavishly on his luxuries, he claimed.

He held Imran Khan has been imposed on the nation. I question from those who have imposed Imran Khan on nation and the institutions providing justice that when no allegation could be proved against the former PM Nawaz Sharif then allegation was leveled against him that he had not received 10000 darham pay from his son company and nor he had declared it in his assets. Upon it he was disqualified and sacked from his post of prime minister.

I ask a question from the former chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has he declared any person honest who has embezzled million of rupees while Mina Nawaz Sharif has neither looted the national kitty nor has any offence been proved against him. Neither any theft has been proved against him. He was sacked from premiership on the charges that he had not received 10000 dharam pay from his son company.

He went on to say “ I demand that Imran Khan himself used to say PM can not hold fair and transparent investigation as long as he stays at his office because he exerts pressure by taking unfair advantage of his post. Therefore, Imran Khan should resign from his office immediately so that fair and independent investigation could be held.

In order to prolong the case he is using abusive language against PPP and PML-N and saying the foreign funding cases of these two parties should also be investigated. We have not received any money from NATO contractor like Imran Khan nor have they got contracts for building grand hotels in the country.