PM Imran Khan wants to give message to whom through threats: Sherry Rehman


PPP central leader Senator Sherry Rehman has said Prime Minister (PM) wants to give message to whom through threats.
“His tone and words are still similar of those of container’s politics. When the government will descend from container”, she said this in a statement issued here Monday.

People will ask from you about your performance after three years of your government but the pivot of your politics is opposition and performance or people, she remarked.

She went on to say democratic and political people don’t give threats like this while sitting on the chair of Prime Minister (PM).

She remarked “ you have not realized so far that you are PM of the country leader of the house in parliament. You are not a dictator.

“You could not prove any case against them after keeping the opposition in jail. Your all claims and promises were based on falsehood. Your government has been proved the worst government of the world. You are saying to the people that the situation is not so bad. People will no more tolerate the lies now. People are rejecting you. You will go home due to your incompetence, failures and maladministration, she underlined.