PM Imran vows to free bureaucracy from political intervention


ISLAMABAD : Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday addressed civil service employees and vowed to free bureaucracy from political intervention.

“Pakistan’s bureaucracy was our pride but due to political interference it declined in front of our eyes,” the prime minister said.

The prime minister asserted that he is only concerned with performance and the government will stand by those working for the country irrespective of their affiliations.

Prime Minister Imran Khan added that merit will be rewarded and civil service reforms will be beneficial to the bureaucracy.

“A system working on merit is unmatched and we will make sure our bureaucracy is free from political pressure.”

Shedding light on the salary structure of the bureaucracy, the prime minister said in the past, bureaucrats were compensated well and they had no temptation to steal or be corrupt.

The prime minister said that he had spoken with chairman NAB and asked him not to humiliate any bureaucrat that was being investigated.

Further, PM Imran vowed to improve the structure of governance within two years.

“Investors don’t come to Pakistan owing to governance. If we improve the structure of governance then the nation will progress,” he said.

The premier elaborated, “Overseas Pakistanis have a lot of money which they can invest in Pakistan but refrain from doing so owing to our structure of governance. However, if we improve our governance system, money will flow into the country and we will no longer be in debt.”

The premier also promised, “We will increase the pay-scale of salaried employees after two years.”

Speaking about the country’s current economic situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan’s debt currently stands at Rs30 trillion.

“We are paying Rs6 billion in interest on loans everyday,” he shared. “We do not have money to run the country.”

PM further said, “Institutions were destroyed for misappropriation of funds.”

The premier stressed that accountability is essential to save the country and that change is needed to steer the country out of debt. “The country cannot be saved if there is no accountability,” he stressed.

“Third world countries are poor because of corruption,” PM Imran added.

Further, he stressed, “We will not progress until we change ourselves. Everyone from the public to politicians and bureaucrats must change themselves.”

“Nothing is impossible in this world,” he added.

PM Imran further said, “The mentality of our elite is the same as that of British colonisers.”