PM inaugurates Blue line, green line metro bus service for IBD


Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated Blue Line and Green Line Metro Bus Service routes in Islamabad on Thursday besides announcing free travel for one month.
“ political parties and the dictators provided no benefit to the country in 75 years adding the public welfare projects are the top priority of the incumbent government. Nation seeks explanation for 4 years delay, he said this while addressing inauguration ceremony of Green and Blue line bus service projects here Thursday.

He held he is happy that the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are going to benefit from travel facilities. People will travel free by Blue Line and Green Line Metro Bus Service for one month. People from all segments of society will benefit from this project. All the institutions should work together for serving humanity.

The prices of petroleum products have declined at international level to some extent otherwise the people were highly worried over day to day hike in the prices of oil.

The inflation is continuing in the country since the last four years and the common man has to work hard day in day out to meet their family expenses. I hope the sliding prices of petroleum products in international market will afford some relief to the people.

We will deliberate over important decisions and steps aimed at providing inexpensive electricity including solar energy to people, he said adding the solar energy projects will hopefully extend relief to the common man.

Petroleum products worth 20 billion dollars are imported every year , he pointed out. The past government evolved poor strategy.

Monitor the public projects the way you do for you children, he stressed. .
The Green Line Metro Bus Service will run between Bhara Kahu area to PIMS Hospital Islamabad. The 15.5 kilometres long route will have eight stations.
On this occasion, the Prime Minister announced free-travel for one month in these two Metro Bus Services.
The Blue Line Metro Bus Service will run between Koral Chowk to PIMS Hospital Islamabad. The 20 kilometres long route will have 13 stations.