PM Kakar to address annual UNGA session: FO


Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson has said care taker Prime Minister (PM) Anwar ul Haq Kakar will participate in the UN General Assembly (UNGA) 78th session from September 18 to 23.
Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar ul Haq Kakar will address the annual UN General Assembly session on the 22nd of this month.

” Human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir are continuing at the hands of Indian forces persistently. Pakistan is concerned over misuse of Afghan Transit Trade Agreement (ATTA). Afghan soil is being used against Pakistan, this was said by FO Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch during her weekly press briefing here Thursday.

During UNGA session PM will hold bilateral meetings with his counterparts from different countries. He will talks to international media as well.
Foreign Minister Jalil Abbas Jillani attended Commonwealth meeting. The impact of climate change also came under discussion during the meeting.
The spokesperson said the Prime Minister in his address to the UNGA will outline Pakistan’s perspective on a range of regional and global issues of concern including Jammu and Kashmir dispute which is amongst the longstanding unresolved items on the UN Agenda. The Prime Minister will elaborate on the significant measures being taken by the caretaker government to consolidate Pakistan’s economic recovery and efforts to mobilize domestic and external investments
She said bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan has gone up. Notice has been taken of Afghan foreign ministry statement.

The announcement has come on Afghanistan Transit Trade agreement with India. There is no room for trade with any third country in Pakistan-Afghanistan transit trade.
The spokesperson said that Pakistan is concerned about security threat emanating from Afghanistan. She said it is important for the interim Afghan government to ensure that their territory is not used to threaten Pakistan.
Responding to a question, the spokesperson said Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed territory whose final disposition is to be made in accordance with the relevant UNSC resolutions and aspirations of Kashmiri people. She said it is also an established fact that Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan shown in an Indian map are under Pakistan’s control and part of its official political map, pending the final disposition of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. In that backdrop, she said that any map showing the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir as part of India is legally untenable and factually incorrect. She hoped that our international partners will pay due attention to these facts.
Appointment of Chinese ambassador in Afghanistan is in the perspective of interests of China.

People of Pakistan has capability to overcome challenges facing them.

Regarding US ambassador visit to Gwadar she said US ambassador visit to Gwadar is good omen. “we will welcome third party investment under CPEC.
She stated foreign ministry is located in government building. It is under control CDA. The payment of electricity bills of this building responsibility of CDA.