PM should appear in court with solid proofs on Jan 4: Maryam Aurangzeb


PML-N Spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his advisor on accountability Shahzad Akbar should appear before the court with solid proofs on January 4 next month.
In a tweet on Friday, Miriam Aurangzeb said Imran Khan should bring proofs to support his corruption related blames against PML-N leaders in the last three years. She said it would be decided on January 4 that who is right and wrong.
The spokesperson held “ Shahzad Akbar what reply can I go to what you have said because you are habitual of lying. . She said PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif fought against blames on daily basis, adding that three years have gone but Prime Minister Imran could not present corruptions proofs against PML-N leadership.
Miriam Aurangzeb further said the government instead of saving the leg should come in the court with facts. She made it clear that the government could not provide any proof against Shahbaz Sharif.