PML-N suspends its decision of resignations from the National Assembly


Islamabad April 12 (Online): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has taken u-turn from its earlier decision to submit collective resignations from the National Assembly.
The party has conditioned its resignations with the PPP. The party sources said that the PML-N has suspended its decision because the PPP has totally sideline the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) by making alliance with other political parties in the Senate.
The PML-N sources said that the PPP is in dialogue with the ruling party and if PML-N takes decision of resignations, PPP will contest for vacant positions to strengthen its position in the centre. The sources said that in this way PPP can also get the government support against the PML-N on the vacant seats.
The PML-N has decided to postpone its decision of resignations from the National Assembly to stop PPP of getting benefit from the resignations.
The sources said that PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif and other leadership have directed PML-N senior leaders to take strict stance against the PPP. Similarly, Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz also doesn’t want resignations from the Punjab Assembly. Meanwhile, a large majority of PML-N members Parliaments were not in the favour of resignations.