Pointing Fingers


Living in fantasies is no crime but basing the national narrative on such illusionary notions is no joke. The much-talked-about professionalism of Indian defence forces appears a damp squib in light of a very lengthy dossier that implicated Pakistan of “hatching terror plots.” Add in a dash of overexaggerated attempts to laugh away Pakistan’s security concerns about its estranged cousin just two years ago and voila! we get a tension as thick as gazpacho.
While New Delhi may believe stitching up charges of undue interference in its deck might lead the world to believe all is well in the valley of Kashmir, deafening evidence of local dissatisfaction with bigoted BJP policies cannot simply be brushed under the rug.
Furthermore, contradicting claims by none other than the Indian army chief about cross-border infiltrations considerably weakens this case of laying the Kashmir insurgency saga at Islamabad’s doorstep. More effective than crying wolf would be strategies that address longstanding grievances. The recent sentencing of freedom fighter Yasin Malik and the witchhunt of Hurriyat leadership are enough causes to fuel the flames of anarchy. The latest series of government-mandated clampdowns instead of deliberations upon the burning issue of self-determination has painted the slim chances of reconciliation in bold letters.
Mr Modi and his administration might confuse the international community using vicious propaganda (films like Kashmir Files) but those bearing the brunt of army boots, and check-posts while living the days as quasi-citizens do not need such crash courses on Kashmiriyat. India better take stock of the stench reeking from its underbelly before pointing fingers at neighbours.