PPP demands of President Arif Alvi to step down


PPP leader Senator Sherry Rehman has demanded of President Arif Alvi to step down after the Supreme Court (SC) decision against deputy speaker National Assembly (NA) ruling.

In a statement Thursday she said SC decision on its suo motu notice against the unconstitutional ruling of deputy speaker is last nail in the coffin of the narrative regarding foreign conspiracy.

As per Court decision the speaker’s ruling, Prime Minister (PM) order on dissolution of assembly and president step regarding dissolution of assembly were unconstitutional and against the rights of political parties. Constitution and parliament were insulted by giving ruling based on presumptions.

She held the speaker gave ruling without investigation. Speaker had claimed in the house letter has been sent to SC. The complete context of the letter which Imran Khan waved in the public meeting was not presented in the court.

The court has made it clear that the speaker and deputy speaker violated and made mockery of the constitution repeatedly.

This has become clear from this decision that president role remained partial in this entire matter. President kept on protecting interests of PTI rather than constitution.

The president should step down after SC decision, she demanded.