PPP leader Hoti disparages PTI Chairman IK


Former federal minister and senior leader of Pakistan people’s party, Nawabzada Khwaja Mohammad Khan Hoti on Friday strongly criticized former prime minister Imran Khan and said that Imran Khan is mentally ill person and wants treatment.
“Imran Khan is the greatest fascist leader of this time, ‘’ he added. He expressed these views while addressing a crowded news conference at Mardan press club.
Khwaja Hoti said that this person does not believe in the law and constitution of the country and questioned that there is no one to bring this mentally ill person under the law.
He added that Imran Khan used un-Islamic words in the Peshawar conference and compared himself with prophet Mohammad SAW. He argued that his party workers have started un-Islamic things which is amazing and wants to close.
He added that in his political career he has not seen such type of Prime Minister who neither abides the constitution nor the judiciary and Parliament. He added that Imran Khan only wanted power and this made him mentally ill. He added that during the no confidence motion Imran Khan hung up the constitution for four days. He argued that Imran Khan during the last three and half years’ government isolated the country and damaged the relationship with China, Saudi Arabia, America, Europe and other countries.
He argued that Imran Khan during his power only use harsh words against the opposition party’s leaders and did nothing for the poor people of the country.
He added that Imran Khan also pressured media houses and media persons through different ways and now he has become a champion of independent media.He appreciated the efforts of the Supreme court and Army chief and said that they were standing with the constitution of Pakistan.
He argued the decision of the supreme court strengthened the democratic system in the country. He added that in Pakistan political history it was the first decision of the high judiciary which was appreciated by the political forces throughout the country.
He argued that Imran Khan sold the Toshakhana gifts worth Rs140 million in Dubai which badly damaged the country’s reputation throughout the world.
He added that after Farah Khan’s 11 billions corruption scandal, the scandal of sugar, flour, Rawalpindi ring road, medicine, corona, BRT, tsunami and billion tree project, Malamjaba and others will also come in front.
He argued that Imran Khan staged a drama of resignation from the national assembly first they gave resignation from the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa assembly where they have been in power for the last eight years and their performance is zero.
He also strongly criticized the retired general for supporting Imran Khan and said that they remained silent when Imran Khan isolated the country and created a storm of inflation in the country and made life difficult for the poor.
Khwaja Hoti demanded from the Army Chief to control these retired generals and the privileges should be taken away from them and distributed among the poor people and let them be sent to the battlefield.
“During his tenure, Imran Khan locked even women of opposition party’s leaders in jails and said that they would not be given facilities in jails”, Khwaja Hoti added.
He added that however he cannot prove any corruption on opposition party leaders and their women in the last three years.
He added that he also blackmails chairman NAB on a video scandal. He added that we are used to jails but now what will Imran Khan do?. He argued that Imran Khan is trying to make the state institutions controversial and wants to spread anarchy in the country by taking out processions and meetings of a few people in the country.
He added that through this way Imran Khan also wants to protect himself from accountability. He argued that we can also take people on the streets but we do not want civil war in the country.
Khwaja Hoti argued that it is need of the current situation that Imran Khan should be brought within the ambit of constitution and law otherwise it will badly damage the country.