President calls for conflict resolution in developing countries


President Dr. Arif Alvi has stressed the need for conflict resolution in the developing countries.
Addressing the concluding ceremony of Margalla Dialogue in Islamabad on Thursday, he said Pakistan has been trying to come to solutions on all its borders. He however regretted that India is sticking to its policy of no peace with Pakistan.
The President said international diplomacy can be a major tool in trying to prevent conflicts. He strongly opposed the idea of giving veto powers to other emerging nations saying we need to get out of this concept of preferred nations having the veto power.
The President said nuclear non-proliferation is a good concept but questioned why responsible nations do not reduce or eliminate their nuclear arsenals. He maintained the arms control should be led by the bigger powers.
President Alvi called for enhanced cooperation amongst countries to deal with the issues of global warming and epidemics. He said there is a need to transform and improve international institutions to respond to emerging threats.
He also called for a new global order based on human morality to make this world a really different place which he warned is not heading towards reducing but increasing the conflicts.