President Tayyab Erdogan to visit Pakistan in September: Turkish ambassador


Turkish ambassador in Pakistan has said President Tayyab Erdogan will visit Pakistan in September.

“ Fethullah Gulan, a terrorist network tried to penetrate into the government and administrative institutions. Several countries have declared it a terrorist outfit. Pakistan is also included among the countries which have declared it terrorist outfit first of all ” he said this while addressing a ceremony entitled “ Jamhooriat ke fateh” here Thursday.

He indicated that Fethullah Golan terrorist outfit opened over 800 schools in Turkey which were running on donations. Like an intelligence service they kept on brain washing the innocent minds. They tried to penetrate into government departments and government sectors by using code names.

Golen network is a threat to the sovereignty of those countries wherein it is operating, he cautioned. Our objective is to make our friends aware. Wherever they operate they are threat for these countries.

Pakistan had declared Fethullah Gulen as terrorist outfit in 2018. OIC foreign ministers council had also declared a terrorist outfit. The functional schools and educational institutions of Fethullah Gulen outfit were closed down in more than 18 countries.

Turkish government struggle against this terrorist organization is continuing

A documentary film was also displayed by the Turkish embassy on this occasion.

This outfit can emerge as a potential threat for Pakistan.

He pointed out Fethullah Gulen had fled to US in 90 decade. Therefore, he could not be arrested. He tried to stage rebel in Turkey while sitting in US. It is desire of Turkey that he should be brought back to Turkey. This terrorist outfit works like a secret agency. They were carrying out terror acts in collaboration with Daesh.

Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif visited Turkey recently along with a delegation. His recent visit remained successful. He held several meetings in private and public sector. Both the countries signed several bilateral agreements during his visit.

He asserted Turkish people are not against the Turkish army. Turkish people were against these elements. They stood up against these elements.

Turkish army has now uprooted this terror network. Turkish army is now entirely free from these elements. NATO too has declared it a terrorist organization.