Propaganda and Reality


Ali Anwar

The way propaganda is being spread on social media and efforts are being made to involve institutions in rigging after the conduct of elections and the subsequent results is an attempt to trap Pakistan in the nets spread by its enemies.
To stop this propaganda, a Corps Commander’s Conference was held under the Supervision of General Hafiz Asim Munir, Chief of Army Staff, in Rawalpindi, according to the Public Relations Department of Pakistan Army. Participants of the conference paid a heartfelt tribute to the great sacrifices of the armed forces officers, soldiers, law enforcement agencies, and civilians, including martyrs, who sacrificed their lives to ensure peace and stability in the country.
The top leadership of the army in the Corps Commander Conference reiterated the commitment that all terrorist elements, their facilitators, and those who encourage militancy, will be dealt with by the state with full force, as per the mandate given. The Army Chief directed the commanders to strengthen the benefits achieved against terrorism and militancy.
The Army Chief said that by the mandate of the Election Commission of Pakistan in the general elections, appreciated the efforts of the civil administration, law enforcement agencies, and security forces to provide a safe environment despite all the challenges. The top military leadership in the Commander’s Conference stated that the armed forces of Pakistan provided a secure environment for the conduct of general elections 2024 as per the mandate given and there was no other connection between the electoral process and the military.
The top leadership of the armed forces expressed concern at the Commander’s Conference that certain specific but limited political elements, segments of social media, and media are tarnishing the reputation of the Pakistani armed forces with unsubstantiated allegations, which is highly condemnable. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on issues such as good governance, economic revival, political stability, and public welfare, attention is focused on promoting the interests of such selfish elements, diverting attention from their failures and focusing on political instability and uncertainty.
In the Commander’s Conference, it was emphasized that instead of resorting to unconstitutional and baseless political statements and incitement of emotions, appropriate legal action should be taken with evidence, and the military leadership is confident that democratic stability is the way forward for the country. The armed forces reiterated that the military leadership is fully aware of challenges and threats, and is determined to fulfil its constitutional responsibilities with the support of the people of Pakistan.
The armed forces expressed concern over the spread of organized false and fake news aimed at spreading despair and division in society by some reprehensible elements.
The leadership of the armed forces urged the proud people of Pakistan to remain positive and united and to participate wholeheartedly in the development and progress of the country. The announcement of the Commander’s Conference and its contents written here only aim to raise awareness among the people about false propaganda spread on social media for a considerable period and I am confident that some elements are only targeting the Pakistan Army for cheap popularity.
When asked for evidence of the allegations, they fail to provide any evidence and continue to propagate the false propaganda spread on traditional and social media to further the enemy’s conspiracies.
Despite all this propaganda and false allegations, on the other hand, when we look at the role of the Pakistan Army, in recent days, due to floods and rains in Gwadar, destruction has spread many deaths have occurred, and people have been deprived of their homes and livelihoods. We have seen that during this destruction caused by untimely rains, our young people of the Pakistan Army have been at the forefront of helping. Similarly, during the recent rains and snowfall in KP, it was the Pakistan Army and its relief teams who were the first to reach out to help the people.
But those elements sitting on our social media who criticize the Pakistan Army day and night will not tell the people about the role of the Pakistan Army. Because doing so displeases their foreign masters. If anything goes wrong in Pakistan, they will try to blame the Pakistan Army to create doubt and suspicion in the hearts of the unfortunate people. It is a great decision of the Pakistan Army leadership that instead of giving in to such elements, it has decided to deal with them firmly instead of giving in to them. Because if these elements are dealt with in time, surely uncertainty in the country will end and political stability will also be created which is the most important thing at the moment.

The writer is an old Aitchisonian who believes in freedom of expression, a freelance columnist, entrepreneur and social activist.