PTI demands of SC to take notice of Imran Khan phone taping


PTI has demanded of Supreme Court (SC) to take notice of taping of Imran Khan telephone adding as per SC decision phone taping is illegal and brazen violation of official secret act.
PTI has further said that in the past one government was removed only for this reason therefore, SC should take notice of it. The forensic test will reveal that Bushra Bibi phone taping is real or fake, this was said by PTI leader Shireen Mazari whyile talking to media men here along with Fawad Chaudhry Monday.
She held phone taping is illegal. The court had given decision against it. Taping phone is blatant breach of official secret act. Read 1997 judgment. Whenever any government was pulled down in the past, phone taping was done. All this conversation was cut pasted. No political thing was said in all this talk. If the phone calls of Imran Khan and political secretary come out then it is illegal.
She underlined when nothing is found against Imran Khan in the perspective of corruption then his family is being targeted. Several telephones came to me. SC should take notice of taping of phone calls of his home. This all is being done to cover up conspiracy. Those are doing so who have brought this government.
She went on to say public meetings were held all over the country. They have become unnerved due to these public meetings. We have become trapped in loadshedding, inflation and IMF. Why are they prolonging the crisis. Give the election date.
She remarked Maryam Nawaz talks of interference daily. We want to ask from neutrals and crime minister why this all is being done.
Fawad Chaudhry said phones are being taped daily persistently and leaked. Allegations are being leveled against Farah Bibi. Register case against Farah Bibi so that she could give reply. When the case has not been registered then how can arrest warrants be issued. Where Farah Bibi got one plot, Ayyaz Sadiq got two plots therein. Is Ayyaz Sadiq partner of Farah Bibi.
He went on to say load shedding is on rise because government has not money to import fuel. It is being said loadshedding will be observed on Eid too
Government has accepted all the conditions of IMF promptly even then IMF is not giving package, he added.
Government got NRO-2 of Rs 1100 billion by making amendments in NAB laws, he indicated.
He claimed Asif Zardari was given NRO-2 of Rs 5000 crore in Omni group.