PTI facing what kind of fascism: Fawad Ch


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Fawad Chaudhry said Party is facing what kind of fascism.
We condemn and reject PDM nefarious activities , he added.

All bar associations are calling their meetings, he said If level playing field is given and scale is balanced , Maryam Nawaz will have no time of packing to flee to London.
Fawad said absconders are saying they will not accept bench’s verdict. Now absconder will tell how the benches have to be made. Bar associations not only condemn but also call meeting.
In post court appearance press conference he said today I appeared in case which is I and Shah Mehmood Qureshi talked media outside Zaman Park and media opened cameras there which disturbed traffic and case filed upon us.
He questioned if Journalists are on roads outside Zaman Park why the case has been registered against us.
Environment has been created of filing cases in all over the country, said Fawad, but we will deal and will not those who get frightened.
40 terrorism cases are filed on Imran Khan, PTI leader said, 15 out of them were filed on single day. This proves that what kind of fascism PTI is facing.
He said seven cases are upon me which has no clue. I am named in that terrorism case on that day I was not in Lahore. Two case of terrorism are on Imran Khan in Islamabad and on that day Imran Khan was present in Lahore.
PTI leader said the important thing is that people are becoming missing persons. People are being arrested for seven or eight days tortured and high courts are quiet on that. There is no big stain than that -people are being arrested and made missing persons- on any country.
I demand missing person all over the country should be released and produced before magistrates: Fawad.
Court should not take cases like this lightly, he added, concerns are being expressed on international level on this. But what concerns should be inside Pakistan those are not there.
Chaudhry said ‘our one worker Shahid Hussain was picked up and retained in guest house and requested to not tell when go abroad.’ That is why we don’t know how to stand for our rights. One call comes from embassy, our legs gets trembled. State lays down for those who are foreign nationals. Ramon Davis cannot be arrested for one day.
He further said you get upset on the name of those who are Canadian and British national and dealing Pakistanis as worms. You give VIP protocol those are foreigners. If you have courage deal both of them equal.
Fawad said we should wakeup on high court issue. Balochistan High Court (BHC) gave brave verdicts. Sindh and Lahore high courts should feel their responsibility that why people are being picked up.
Supreme Court should follow strict policy on missing persons, he added, Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Justices of high courts should hold meeting on why people are being picked up. There is no big human right violation than this.