PTI taking revenge from people: Shahbaz Sharif


PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif has said PTI is taking revenge from the people.

“PTI has plunged the country into the ocean of inflation, unemployment and poverty during the last three years. The incumbent government is taking revenge from the people, he said this in a statement issued here Tuesday.

He went on to say those who had pinned hopes on PTI government have become disappointed now due to its poor performance. No positive change could be brought within 3 years.

He pointed out that Sui Northern Gas has suspended gas supply to private industry and local production units from today. Is it change. The suspension of gas supply to the industry will render million of people jobless. Was PTI to bring this change.

Lashing out at government over escalating inflation in the country he said ghee is being sold out at Rs 400 per kilogram in the country. Will it be called change;. There is storm of price hike and on the other side there are poor masses. Is it called change.

He underlined that State bank is once again going to raise interest rate. Is it change. The loan which is available at 10.2 percent interest rate will be taken at the rate of 11 percent interest rate and loss to the tune of Rs 700 million will be inflicted on national kitty. Is it a change.

He claimed cement licenses are being sold openly in Punjab. Is it that change.

He held Pakistan has become the third costliest country in the world. Is it a change. Inflation in Pakistan has increased two folds than India.

The fish export from Pakistan has dwindled, Is it a change. People of Gwadar have stood up against the government. They are being deprived of their rights. Is it change.

State Bank of Pakistan does not extend loan to government of Pakistan, is it a change , he questioned.

During 49 months, PTI has obtained loan equal to 69 percent of the loan Pakistan has obtained during 71 years, he claimed. Is it a change, he inquired.