Punctuality of trains reached 93 percent in last three months


The overall punctuality ratio of trains has improved from 76 to 93 per cent in three months owing to close monitoring and stern measures taken by Pakistan Railways at the divisional and ministry levels. “With the punctuality of trains and concrete measures taken by the department in last three months, the number of passengers has increased by over 20 million, which is ample proof of the department’s achievement,” an official in the Ministry of Railways told .

He said that Pakistan Railways is also set to introduce the ‘Train Driver Assistant System’ (TDAS) to help train drivers a clear view of the railway tracks up to an impressive distance of 700 meters. “The technology aims to enhance the safety, punctuality and efficiency of train operations during adverse weather conditions, particularly in the presence of dense smog and fog,” he added. The system, he said the TDAS is set to revolutionize the way trains navigate through foggy landscapes. It promised not only to avert potential accidents but also to facilitate smooth train travel when visibility is severely compromised. He said the capabilities of this digital system extend beyond improved visibility; it can also identify and monitor vital elements such as signals, level crossings, gates, track obstructions, and other potential hazards within the same 700-meter radius. The official said this comprehensive approach to training management promises to reduce the risk of accidents significantly. Initially, he said the department was planning to install the anti-fog device in four engines. However, Pakistan Railways has outlined a strategic expansion plan, with the ultimate goal of equipping all trains with this life-saving technology in the coming year. He said in a move to combat the persistent challenge of fog-related train delays, Pakistan Railways has joined hands with the University of Engineering Taxila (UET) to introduce a cutting-edge ‘Digital Railway Driving System.’