Punjab CM rubbishes Imran Khan’s house arrest rumour


Mohsin Naqvi denies allegations of human rights violations | No incident of mistreatment to PTI detained female supporters ever occurred in jails
Interim Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Raza Naqvi has said that there is no truth in the news regarding putting former premier and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan under house arrest.
Chief Minister Naqvi was talking to media after he visited the under construction site of Samanabad Underpass in Lahore. With regard to human rights violations, the chief minister denied all allegations, saying there is no veracity in such claims.
He said that those involved in the Jinnah House attack would not be pardoned, no matter how influential they will be. They will be prosecuted and punished, he maintained. He said PTI supporter Khadija Shah is still under arrest and denied any mistreatment meted out to the PTI women in detention.
The question came after a video showing Ms Shah apologizing for her action on May 9 went viral on social media yesterday. CM Naqvi said no incident of mistreatment to the detained PTI women has ever occurred. He pronounced that the opposition is just making a propaganda. He advised them to show respect to women and avoid making such base propaganda.
He said that total 32 women were arrested and 11 of them are still in jails. Thousands of PTI workers including women have been arrested in connection with the May 9 mayhem. The opposition party is claiming that its female supporters have been subjected to mistreatment in prisons. “Never in country’s history have the jail authorities been indulged in mistreating female detainees. As long as I am the chief minister, it’s my responsibility to provide them protection. One must think before levelling such allegations,” he added. Mr Naqvi, however, vowed strict action against any police official if he found guilty of any indecent behavior or maltreatment to detainees. Regarding PTI Chief Imran Khan’s house arrest rumour, the chief minister rejected the media buzz, saying there is no truth in it.
On this occasion, a briefing was given to the chief minister regarding the development work. He directed the officials to expedite the work on underpass and open it to the public by June 15. He said it has been five months since the project started.