Putin wants to “kill all of Ukrainian nation”


Melitopol mayor
Ivan Fedorov is a Melitopol mayor who was detained by Russian forces for five days in March.
He told that his city was in a very difficult and dangerous situation.
Within a few days of invasion, Russian forces occupied Melitopol, which is located in southeastern Ukraine. The city has witnessed infrequent protests since then.
Fedorov was kidnapped by Russian military, thus a new mayor was kept as a substitute.
But, the military imprisoned him, and Fedorov was released as part of a prisoner exchange.
He told CNN that President Putin’s goal was to “kill all of Ukrainian nation.”
He is doing so by occupying its cities gradually.
The mayor also added that Melitopol’s people require aid that they aren’t receiving due to current situation.
According to Fedorov, Ukrainians were thinking about mere survival, rather than comforting themselves.
He spoke to the European Parliament, adding that the Ukrainians are urging lawmakers to help the country through all possible means.
The conflict in Ukraine was a full scale war, against the entire civilized world, he said.
He cautioned, that “war will come to European cities and households without an appropriate and timely response to Russia’s ‘significant threat.’”