Railways accidents reduced significantly in last three months


Pakistan Railways has beefed up precautionary measures to reduce passengers train accidents and only six minor accidents with no causality took place on the entire railway network in the country during the last three months (September to November).
“Only two train accidents have took place in September, no accident happened in October and four train accidents occurred in November due to effective steps of the department,” .
The drastic decrease in accidents has been witnessed due to the efforts being undertaken to reduce trespassing at unmanned level crossings and unauthorized locations, he added.
“Our staff is continuously monitoring the railway tracks across the country and conducting thorough inspection of the trains as the safety of the passengers is the top priority of the department,” he said.
The official said the department was taking several steps to improve the Railway services including the issues related to tracking maintenance that was given top priority.
He said the punctuality of trains was improved and all the trains were being monitored, reviewed, and rectified while to facilitate passengers, a mobile application “Pak rail live” has also been launched for real-time tracking of trains.

To a question, he said that first aid posts are established in Assistant Station Masters offices and Police Help Line Centres at all Railway Stations where paramedical staff/staff trained in first aid is available along with first aid box/emergency kits round the clock.
He said the first aid box/emergency kits were available with In-charge Guards in all running trains who were trained in first aid and provide first aid to ill passengers.
The official said that Pakistan Railways is also set to introduce the ‘Train Driver Assistant System’ (TDAS) to help train drivers a clear view of the railway tracks up to an impressive distance of 700 meters.
“The technology aims to enhance the safety and efficiency of train operations during adverse weather conditions, particularly in the presence of dense smog and fog.”
The system, he said the TDAS is set to revolutionize the way trains navigate through foggy landscapes. It promised not only to avert potential accidents but also to facilitate smooth rail travel when visibility is severely compromised.
He said the capabilities of this digital system extended beyond improved visibility; it can also identify and monitor vital elements such as signals, level crossings, gates, track obstructions, and other potential hazards within the same 700-meter radius.
The official said the system is not only expected to facilitate timely train movements on foggy days but will also be instrumental in averting accidents during severe foggy weather, enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of Pakistan’s railway network.