Red line was crossed on May 9: PM


Prime Minister (PM) Shebaz Sharif has said PTI miscreants crossed red line on May 09 therefore, they would not be forgiven.
“No accused will be spared even if I favor them. No innocent will be punished. Martyrs are our heroes, PM said this while addressing Tahaffaz-e-Shuhada Convention in Jinnah Convention Centre Wednesday.
“I am feeling proud in addressing this convention today because we have assembled here to pay tributes to Shuhada. They are those shuhada who rendered sacrifice of their lives for the soil of Pakistan and defence of motherland. We can never forget Shuhada. They are our asset and national heroes, he added.
He went on to say armed forces, law enforcement agencies, police,Jawans and officers of security agencies rendered sacrifices for Pakistan. Peace and security came in Pakistan due to more than 86000 sacrifices. But what happened on May 09 can never be forgotten. This will be remembered as black day for ever, he remarked.
He held the way PTI miscreants and its chairman Imran Khan provoked people , this all was done under a planning. Imran Khan was himself mastermind of it. Can any political party do so that it should attack state in the event of arrest.
When he came to power he sent the entire opposition to jails, he observed. We did not create any disturbance. We courted arrest. We went to jail but did not resort to vandalism. We did not harm state and defence institutions. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged. Benazir Bhutto was martyred. Nawaz Sharif was exiled and his government was dissolved again. But no political party caused harm to Pakistan and its flag. But on the other hand miscreants of PTI attacked military installations the day Imran Khan is arrested.
He assured the family members of martyrs that their problems will be addressed. Loans will be provided to them on easy installments under PM scheme. The other facilities will also be provided to them. He will soon meet them.
Federal ministers Amin ul Haq and Sherry Rehman also addressed on the occasion. They demanded of PM those behind May 09 incidents should not be spared at any cost.
A documentary film was also shown to pay tribute to the martyrs.