Repeated interpretation of law gives rise to conflicts: CJP


Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial has said repeated interpretation of law gives rise to conflicts. “ repeated interpretation of law gives rise to conflicts. The experts should end conflicts through interpretation of law”, he said this while addressing a ceremony here Saturday.
He went on to say “ two interpretations of one law create problems. If it is misread despite interpretation then questions arise. Law allows people about foreign currency accounts. If there is uncertainty then decisions are taken for short period.
He held government needs to forge better contacts.
He remarked judges are not available in market easily. They have to appear in several examinations. Burden on courts increases because of non formation of tribunal. Whosoever is regulator should form one tribunal. Services tribunals have already been formed in the matters related to service.
Private business in the country needs encouragement and support, he said adding growth in business promotes economic development.
We need better regulatory system. There is need to keep in view dignity of commercial institutions.
He held NAB needs to take action against such housing state which has no land. There is need to simplify regulations for people. There is need to improve the performance of high courts. Burden will have to be lessened on high courts.
Rule of law is talked about in Supreme Court (SC), he observed. We exercise our powers cautiously in courts.
We see law in the perspective of constitution while sitting in the courts, he underlined.
Is our law helpful or otherwise in providing opportunities for business, he added. Development of the country is possible only due to opportunities for business and industrial development. Therefore business friendly steps are necessary.
Every sector is demanding subsidy and subsidy is provided by government, he observed. SC can see only that the subsidy is indiscriminate or otherwise. We decide only under legal facts.
He remarked tax and custom duty is levied but people don’t know about it. Government should run the matters in consultation with business community.