Rights of Overseas Pakistanis – A Test Case


Tazeen Akhtar
Overseas Pakistanis are contributing in the economy of Pakistan but their rights are not safe in the country. Their properties are occupied and their houses are snatched not only by the Qabzah Groups but Member of Parliament even are doing the same. Police does not listen to affected Overseas and they are not taken care of by the government even. every government claims that the rights of Overseas Pakistanis will be protected but the ground reality is different.
Same is the story of Ms Hajiraa Ehsan, US citizen who constructed her house in Murree on her 5 Marla plot only 5 years ago. She handed over the care of the house to her relative Akhtar Hussain Jaura of Gujrat and went back to USA. When she returned few months ago, she was taken aback to see that there was no house and no plot but it was only a parking of a Hotel “Ramada” constructed by Arslan Hanif.
Mr Arsalan Hanif is son of Raja Hanif , a Patwari of Murree who happens to be the father in law of MNA PTI Mr. Sadaqat Abbasi. The affected overseas lady Hajira found her house demolished and plot occupied illegally by Arsalan in July 2021 when PTI was in Government. Arsalan and his father who is expert of land matters as Patwari purchased the plot and house of Akhtar Hussain Jaura that is adjacent to the house of Hajira Ehsan.
Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner confirmed in their reports that Arsalan in connivance with Akhtar Hussain Jaura demolished the house of Hajira and occupied the plot. Arsalan admitted this illegal act of occupation and trespassing into a private property in the inquiry of Assistant Commissioner Murree conducted on 29 July 2021 at the site in presence of Accused Arsalan Hanif and affected party Ms Hajira.AC Murree submitted his report to Deputy Commissioner on 31 July 2021 to Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi .AC Murree confirmed illegal unlawful act of Arsalan Hanif and directed police to take action against their act..
Hajira Ehsan family are one sister two brothers and mother. One brother is not with Hajira but the second brother and mother have given the attorney of their right on this property to Hajira who is fighting for her right for more than one year now.
Hajira shared that earlier Raja Hanif Patwari and his son in law Sadaqat Abbasi used their influence in the government to make me leave my right and go back to USA but I continued my struggle and reached to the then Prime Minister Imran Khan.
The then PM Imran Khan summoned Sadaqat Abbasi in the presence of Hajira Ehsan and strictly directed him to sort the matter out as soon as possible and give the right of Hajira back to her. It was only then Raja Hanif and Sadaqat Abbasi who were using police against Hajira so far to retain the illegal occupation tried to convince Hajira to take part of price of the plot and settle the matter. Raja Hanif offered 10 Million Rupees to Hajira but the lady refused.
Ms Hajira says that it is not only the plot but I had constructed new house on the plot that was demolished in my absence. She says the worth of the house and plot is more than 50 Million Rupees.
This is the state of this state where leaders of the public are accused of grabbing the properties of the public. PTI claims to be the party of Overseas Pakistanis but its own MNA is behind the illegal and unlawful demolition of four story house of an oversea and further occupation on her plot. This is a test case for the government of Prime Minister Shehbaz Shareef who is always taking keen interest in the beautification of Murree hills since when he became the Chief Minister. This is a challenge for former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as well who is from the same constituency.
Sadaqat Abbasi MNA is apparently a reasonable person. He is supposed to scold the culprits who committed this crime rather exert pressure on police and other authorities not to listen to the aggrieved party. If Sadaqat Abbasi or Raja Hanif have something in their defence to say, they can approach us and we will publish their point of view as well.