Sada-e-Aman center attacks in Jamrud


Elders of Koki Khel stormed Sada-e-Aman office here in the sub-division of Jamrud on Monday.
Hundreds of residents of Koki Khel tribe, equipped with sticks and stones gathered in front of the Sada-e-Aman center in Jamrud broke the windows and counters in the center.
They alleged that the center in pretext of extending financial support to the womenfolk, spread obscenity in the area that must be halted.
The angry mob thrashed the manager of the Sada-e-Aman center and forced them to stop working.
In the Sada-e-Aman program, women must have appeared personally in front of male officials in the office, differing their traditions and rites, they added and said they had asked the officials that presence of women should be exempted of the scheme but to in avail.
They also urged the locals to restrict the women from coming to the center without male members of their families.
According to Jamrud police station, a First Information Report (FIR) was filed against those found involved in the offense.