Sarwar discusses regional situation, bilateral relations with UK parliament speaker


Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar on Friday met Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the British Parliament and discussed Afghanistan situation, developments in region and Pak-UK bilateral relations.
According to details, Punjab Governor during meeting said that Afghanistan was going through crisis in terms of poverty and unemployment as well as the provision of basic services such as health. He said that media reports revealed that more than half of the population in Afghanistan did not have access to food and water. “Therefore, in order to save Afghanistan from any further catastrophe, the world must take note of all this situation and move forward to fulfill its responsibility to save human lives and establish peace in Afghanistan.” Sarwar said.
Governor Punjab said that the world must also see elements conspiring to destroy Afghanistan’s peace through terrorism. “The whole world has to come together and take action against such elements so that the intentions of such elements can be thwarted.” He added.
Talking about Pakistan’s role in establishment of peace in Afghanistan, Sarwar said that there was no doubt that Pakistan played its role in establishing peace not only in Afghanistan but in the entire region under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.