SECP warns public against investing in fraudulent investment schemes


The SECP warns the public against investing in fraudulent schemes with unrealistic incentives and promises of profits. It clarifies that company registration does not authorize soliciting deposits or offering investment schemes.
It has been observed that a company, namely “M/s Anees Ahmed Enterprises (SMC-Private) Limited and AA Enterprises & Investments,” is offering various fraudulent deposit /investment schemes to the public by promising them unrealistic monthly returns through the following social media and digital pages:
The said company is using its registration status with SECP to win public confidence. The general public is once again informed that the “Certificate of Incorporation” of a company merely confirms its registration with SECP and does not allow the company to raise deposits or launch investment schemes.
SECP hereby WARNS THE PUBLIC NOT TO deposit or invest funds with M/s Anees Ahmed Enterprises (SMC-Private) Limited, AA Enterprises & Investments, and AA Enterprises under any arrangement, as these entities are not allowed to accept deposits/ investments from anyone. The SECP has initiated proceedings against Anees Ahmed and his entities, which include closing down their operations, disqualifying Anees Ahmed, imposing penalties, and referring the matter to relevant investigation authorities.