Security Forces completed development works in Khyber District


In May 2018, under the 25th amendment to the constitution of Pakistan, the former agency of FATA, Khyber was given the status of district. Security Forces including the Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps North not only completed a number of important development projects in Khyber district in a short period of time including schools, small hospitals, dispensaries, health centers, clean water supply schemes, infrastructure and communication but also a large number of other important development projects are in progress.
The number of schools completed in remote areas of Khyber District (including newly built schools and reconstruction of existing schools) is 32 including primary and middle schools for boys and girls. Similarly, FC North is taking special steps in the field of health and not only new community health centers have been built but also the existing small hospitals and dispensaries are being rebuilt. So far 07 Community Health Centers, Small Hospitals, Basic Health Units and Community Health Centers have been established in Khyber District from which the people of Khyber district are benefiting. Security forces launched extensive water supply schemes to ensure clean water supply to the people. So far 81 clean water supply projects have been completed in remote areas of Khyber District.
Security forces also installed solar systems to ensure the continuity of clean water supply. Security forces have not only completed the construction of major and minor roads in Khyber District to make the communication system more efficient, but work is in full swing in many areas also, so that commercial activities can continue in the area. Along with other important community based projects, work is also underway on other important development projects in Khyber District including mosques, bus stands, markets etc. With the efforts of the security forces, the district of Khyber is moving towards new heights of development. The time is not far when this district will also play an important role in the development of Pakistan.