Security forces recover rusted weapons buried underground


The District Central Police has said that more weapons were recovered in the morning buried under a godown floor in the old city area.
SSP Central talking to media today said that search for more weapons has been underway as “We have got more information.” “We are investigating if the arms belong to a banned outfit”,the SSP said. “Details also being gathered about owner of the godown and the person that hired it on rent,” he said.
“A large cache of heavy weapons was recovered in digging during last night. More arms including a sten gun were found in the morning,” the police official said.
SSP Central Murtaza Tabassum said that no arrest has been made in the case so far. “There are reports about arms at some more places,” SSP Central said.
“Recovered arms include machine-guns, anti-aircraft gun and sten gun,” he said. “The weapons are rusted, how these arms came here we have to look into it,” SSP Tabassum said.
“Recovery of arms cache near a police station is a matter of concern,” he said. The police recovered a large cache of rusty heavy arms buried under the floor of a house. According to the SSP Central, different portions of the floor were excavated. Heavy arms were buried under the house’s floor which included anti-aircraft gun, anti-tank and anti-helicopter weaponry, as well as ammunition to detonate buildings.
The police officer said that all of the recovered weapons were rusty and in poor condition. The weapons were appeared to be buried under the house for a long time, he added. Earlier in February 2020, police had recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition from a house in Karachi after acting on the information provided by an arrested suspect.
The police had conducted raid at a house in Dastagir area of Karachi and seized the explosive material and sophisticated arms.
The police had seized nine RPG rockets, 60 hand grenades, 10 detonators, mortar shells, 38 SMGs and satellite telephone dumped in the house.