Shahbaz who has not brought back his brother to Pakistan will give what to nation: Sheikh Rashid


Former federal minister Sheikh Rashid has said Shahbaz Sharif will give what to nation who has not brought back to Pakistan his brother on his own guarantee in four years.

He said this in a statement issued here Tuesday.

He held this was alliance among the mice that one has made his son as chief minister Punjab, second has made his son foreign minister and the third has made his son as communication minister. On the other hand the poor is dying due to unemployment, inflation and loadshedding.

The friendship is being extended to Israel at the behest of imperialist forces, he claimed. The trade is going to be started with India. The distances with China and Iran are going to be widened.

He held rented murderers have been employed to suppress the voice of nation through baton charging and tear gas.

The 8 to 12 hours load shedding is not problem of the government but their problem is abolition of their cases from NAB, FIA and ANF, he remarked. The work on this count is under way on fast track basis.

The government which is formed on one vote majority will collapse any time, First installment in the hike in the prices of petroleum products has come and the second installment will come till June 25. People will come on roads on their own and break the chains of slavery. Departure of the government is writing on the wall.

Keeping 10 million overseas Pakistanis from casting their votes is national dishonesty, he added. Supreme Court (SC) has given decision in this regard in 2018. I am going to approach SC in connection with right to vote to overseas Pakistanis.

Only overseas Pakistanis can save Pakistan from any major mishap when the member of assembly is selling at the rate ranging between Rs 200 and 250 million.