Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre hosts an event to celebrate 75th Independence Day


Javed Khan

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Council of World Religions Faith Friends in collaboration with Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center University of Peshawar celebrated the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan at PUTA-Hall of the university.

A number of religious scholars from different communities, various heads of departments, deans of faculties and students attended the event.

Addressing the participants, the Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center Director Professor Dr Rashid Ahmed, Pakistan Study Center Professor Dr Fakhrul Islam, Pakistan Council of World Religions Chairman Qari Ruhollah Madani, Peshawar University Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Idrees expressed their views.

Speakers said that freedom is a great blessing for all humans living everywhere on the earth, adding that Allah Almighty has given in the form of Pakistan.

The development and survival of the country demands to train our youth and move forward with consensus and unity, they added.

Every organization and every individual has to fulfill their responsibility and avoid interfering in the work of others.

Strict implementation of the 1973 Constitution and the Declaration of Pakistan should be ensured.

Speakers urged that we have to work together with our institutions and especially the defense institutions to advance the survival and development of our country,