Sherry Rehman calls for high level inquiry into Imran Khan audio leak matter


Federal minister Sherry Rehman has called for high level investigation into PTI Chairman Imran Khan audio leak matter.

In a statement issued here Thursday she said this conversation is not of Imran Khan but it is conversation of Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan. Not a common man but the then PM was compromising on national interests.

Imran Khan had taken oath of safeguarding the interests of the country when he was inventing the conspiracy narrative against the national interests, she added.

She alleged Imran Khan did politics on the basis of lying.
“ I have been saying from the very first day this is “ Save Imran Movement”. He is ready to go to any extent to save him and his politics, she added.

She remarked those who kept on hatching conspiracy against the country and institutions distributed the certificates of treason. The narrative of playing on cipher might have benefitted Imran Khan but it has caused irreparable loss to Pakistan, she underlined.

It is a grave matter which will not come to end through apology and forgiveness nor will we demand unconditional apology from him, she underscored.